The best way to keep your oral health in top shape is to schedule regular cleanings at the dentist. At Hixson Dental, we’re committed to providing quality dental cleanings to ensure all the needs of your oral health are met.

Female patient smiling as a dentist gets ready to perform a routine cleaning

What Should You Expect During a Cleaning Appointment?

A general dental cleaning is a relatively quick and easy process. Before we begin the cleaning, we will check for gingivitis or other dental concerns through a physical examination. We’ll then use special tools to remove any plaque or tartar on the gumline. Once we finish scaling, we’ll polish your teeth using a gritty paste. This will remove surface stains on your teeth. Finally, we’ll floss your teeth to ensure the areas between them are clean.

Benefits of Regular Cleanings

Professional dental cleanings should be scheduled every six months. This is because plaque naturally accumulates on your teeth the moment after you finish cleaning them. You can remove plaque by brushing daily, but once it hardens into tartar, brushing alone cannot remove it. Benefits of having your biannual cleaning are as follows:

Taking Care of Your Teeth Between Cleanings

How you care for your teeth between appointments determines how much scraping we’ll have to do when you come in! Too much tartar on your teeth can also lead to gum disease. Below are some ways you can keep your teeth healthy until you come back to the dentist.

  • Brush twice daily
  • Floss once daily
  • Use mouthwash for plaque control
  • Cut down on sugar and soda

Are You Ready to Schedule Your Dental Cleanings in Marysville, WA?

A clean mouth is a happy mouth, so trust Hixson Dental for your regular dental cleanings. We want you to be comfortable and healthy, so we’ll do all we can to make your experience at our office a pleasant one. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today!