Are you looking for an alternative to traditional braces? Here at Hixson Dental, we offer Clear Correct®, which is more comfortable, discreet, and effective than metal braces. The best part about this solution is that treatment time is roughly cut in half!

Woman smiling and holding a set of invisible braces in front of her mouth

What is Clear Correct®?

Clear Correct® are custom-made clear aligners designed to straighten your teeth. They’re made from a light medical-grade plastic to appear invisible when worn. We create these aligners by printing a 3D model of your teeth and cutting them into the shape of your teeth for a proper fit. Clear Correct® can correct many orthodontic conditions, including:

Clear Correct® vs. Other Clear Aligners

What exactly makes Clear Correct® stand out from the other clear aligners out there? They all are designed to straighten your teeth more comfortably than traditional metal braces, but there are some distinctions that might make one choice a better option for you. Below are the things that make this different than other invisible braces.

  • More affordable
  • Thinner material
  • Offers different treatment options
  • Made of medical-grade plastic

What Does Treatment Look Like?

A Clear Correct® treatment can take anywhere between 8 to 14 months, depending on the severity of your case. You will receive a certain number of custom-made aligners based on the treatment option you need for your condition. For the best results, you will need to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours a day, only taking them out when you’re eating or cleaning your teeth. We will determine how frequently you should return for follow-ups and when to switch to your new set of aligners.

Are You Interested in Trying Clear Correct® in Marysville, WA?

Are you ready to start your Clear Correct® treatment and finally have well-aligned teeth? We at Hixson Dental are prepared to help! We’ll determine the best option for you so you can have the most optimal results. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!