Do you feel like there is something wrong with your teeth or your gums and that you need immediate dental treatment but can’t tell if you need a Root Canal Marysville or a tooth extraction?  Apart from going to your dentist, it is also best for you to know about some red flags that tell you if you should get a root canal in Marysville. Knowing a thing or two about your dental health will definitely go a long way. But no worries, we have compiled a few reasons that will let you know when you will need treatment.

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When Should You Get a Root Canal?

Tooth Mobility

As soon as your teeth get loose, you should know that they are infected. This could be caused by a number of factors and one very common one is nerve death or pulpal necrosis. The acidic waste products can soften the bone around your damaged tooth, causing its mobility. Dentists often recommend root canal treatment for instances like this.

Persistent Toothache

A continuous toothache is one of the most obvious signs that you need a root canal. This troubling pain can bother you all the time or might just come and go. You will feel the pain deep down to the bone of your teeth or what you refer to as your jaw. Toothaches can be caused by a variety of factors, but no matter what causes yours, it's important to see your dentist.

Tooth Sensitivity

If your tooth hurts when you have something hot or cold, then you should know what to do. This sensitivity may feel like a sharp pain. The pain you are feeling may be an indication that the nerves and blood vessels in your tooth are damaged or infected, thus needing attention.

Tooth Discoloration

The discoloration of your tooth may be due to various factors. One is that the pulp of your tooth is already infected. A grayish tooth can be caused by the breakdown of the internal tissue of your tooth. Your tooth pulp dies as gets inadequate blood supply and would require a root canal to not worsen the situation.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

A chipped or cracked tooth is sign that you could need a root canal treatment. You might have cracked your tooth through an accident in your contact sport or by chewing on something hard, no matter how you physically damaged your tooth, you should never take it for granted.  

You should know that bacteria can set into you cracked tooth and can lead to infection and inflammation. The injury that caused your chipped tooth can also damage the nerves of your tooth, making you need a root canal.

Will a Root Canal Hurt?

The procedure might sound scary, but thanks to the dental innovations like sedation dentistry, dental surgeries are made more comfortable. Apart from giving you the right dental treatment, your dentist will definitely make sure you don’t feel any pain during the procedure. This should help you get rid of your dental fears.

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Are You Ready to Get a Root Canal in Marysville?

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