When taken care of properly, our smiles can make us feel more attractive, confident, and successful. Many people believe brushing and flossing are more than enough to keep their mouths in shape, but getting a teeth cleaning from your dentist in Marysville once every six months is just as crucial.

Teeth cleaning paves the way towards a beaming, healthy, and minty-fresh mouth and is a way of identifying potential problems that can damage your smile in the future.

Smiling after Teeth cleaning in Marysville

Gives You Brighter Teeth

One of the most sought-after effects of teeth cleanings is that they restore your smile to its natural pearly-white shade. Teeth absorb nutrients in the foods and beverages we consume to get us through the week, becoming yellow and spotted. Tobacco is also a one-way ticket toward a yellowish smile, so smoking as a daily habit damages how your mouth looks, too.  

Dental professionals use a gritty paste during the procedure to remove the stains and give you the shiny smile of your dreams.

Prevents Gum Disease

Teeth cleanings are not only used to give you snow-white teeth, but they also make your smile healthier. Gum disease affects two out of five adults in the US, making it a priority for dental professionals in Marysville. Employing teeth cleaning, dentists remove plaque and tartar accumulated between your teeth and in your gums, preventing it from spreading and haunting your mouth with gum disease.

Removes Bad Breath

A pretty, healthy smile can only be complete if it smells fresh, and teeth cleanings also take care of that aspect. When tartar and plaque accumulate in places that your toothbrush or floss cannot reach, they eventually cause your breath to smell, making you feel insecure and hindering your ability to talk to others. Other habits, such as smoking or drinking coffee, can also take your breath from minty to smelly in no time.

During teeth cleanings, dentists use different tools to remove bacteria from your teeth and tongue and add the finishing touches by flossing the gaps in your mouth. This process will freshen your breath, and with proper at-home dental habits, its effects will last for a very long time.

Detects Dental Problems Early

Teeth cleanings deal with problems your smile already has and, in doing so, also prevent further chaos from unleashing in your mouth. Without regular visits to your dentist, unhealthy bacteria attack the enamel and dentin in your teeth, becoming the leading cause of cavities and tooth loss. Trauma can also make your teeth crack or fall, creating passages for bacteria to go through and wreak havoc inside your mouth.

Teeth cleanings start with a physical examination to check for early signs of dental problems, such as tooth decay. Dentists can easily solve this by removing plaque and tartar and polishing your teeth. Dental professionals also use teeth cleanings to assess if you need to go through other dental procedures to get the smile of your dreams.

checking teeth after Teeth cleaning in Marysville

Looking for a Dentist Who Can Provide a Top-Quality Teeth Cleaning in Marysville?

Teeth cleanings should be your go-to for a healthy, pearly-looking, and fresh smile and will also help you dodge severe dental problems, like tooth loss and gum disease. If you feel like your smile needs an examination and polish, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with our team of professionals today!