Even though dentures in Maryville are among the most dependable dental appliances, they can still become damaged if you don’t take care of them. One of the leading causes of denture problems is eating hard and sticky food that can affect the quality of your false teeth. If you’re not careful, this bad habit could lead to a loose or damaged denture.

To keep your dentures safe and secure, you can start with what you eat daily. The foods you eat can cause problems for your false teeth. If you want to know what kind of foods you need to avoid to keep them safe, here is a list of snacks and meals you should steer clear of.

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Foods That Could Damage Your Dentures

Sticky Meals and Sweets

If you want your dentures to last for as long as possible, stay away from sticky candies like caramel, toffee, and licorice. Chewy candies are more challenging to remove from your dentures since they can stick to your false teeth even if you remove them. You might need to take your dentures out entirely to clean them and get the sticky sugar off them.  

Hard Nuts

Although nuts have plenty of health advantages, this superfood can harm your new restorative device. While dentures can resist the pressure of chewing these nuts, they can still damage them regardless. During the first few weeks of wearing your dentures, avoid this kind of food to prevent your dentures from slipping out or cracking under pressure.  

Corn Cobs

If you wear dentures, you should avoid this food since the fiber in it can get stuck between your dentures and gums and irritate them. If you don’t want the corn to end up between your teeth, avoid them entirely, or you can observe proper oral hygiene and remove them by flossing.  

Colored Drinks

Drinks such as sodas, juices, and wine can still stain your teeth and dentures if consumed regularly. If you want to maintain the color of your dentures, you’ll need to avoid drinking them. To reduce the effects of colored drinks, you can brush your dentures and clean them every night.  

Hard and Chewy Meat

If you don’t prepare your meat correctly, it can damage your teeth and dentures. Chewing hard on rubber-like meat might irritate your gums and put significant strain on your dentures. If you chew hard enough, your dentures could slip.

Other Foods That You Need to Avoid

  • Hard vegetables and fruits  
  • Coffee
  • Popcorn
  • Hard bread
  • Alcoholic drinks  
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Are You Looking to Get Dentures in Marysville?

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